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Going to the beach is a sure way of enjoying the sunny summer days and spending some quality time with your friends or yourself. Spending a few hours at sea can have a huge impact on your mood and overall well-being, as vacationing on your favorite beach brings freshness to your mind and body. Bask in the warm sun, build a sandcastle or go for a swim; a simple beach trip comes with a long list of activities and an even longer list of beach essentials!

If you think grabbing a set of towels, a few snacks, and your favorite swimsuit is all you need for a beach vacation, you might want to think again! When you plan for a beach vacation, make sure to pack these beach necessities to have an excellent beach time!

Hot and Vibrant Bikinis

A summer beach trip without a head-turning bikini is just out of the question. After all, you will be spending a few hours there. To feel comfortable while you take a dive in warm water or lounge in the sun, a gorgeous hot bikini, such as this lace up padded one piece bikini, is a must-to-have.

Choose swimsuits or bikinis depending on your mood and the limit of your stay. You must have two-piece and three-piece swimwear in your collection. That way, you can rotate your beach outfits and look breathtaking during every beach trip.

A Stylish Cover-Up

After bikinis, your next preference should be finding a stylish, cute and hot bikini cover-up that complements your sexy bikini. Having a quick-to-throw cover-up excludes the need to change into clothes every time you decide to take a nap or stroll on the breezy seashore. It is one of the beach must haves.

Look elegant in this white bikini cover up or choose a floral kimono to look dapper; there are more trendy options at Bikini Pandemic for amazing Instagram photos!

A Waterproof Wet Bag

You will be carrying a lot of stuff to the beach to have a memorable beach day, such as magazines, SPF, glasses, extra clothing, charger, power bank, and others. But how will you keep your beach essentials away from getting wet?

You just need a punchy color water-resistant bag that is spacious and can carry all your belongings safely. A waterproof bag is made of polyester and provides adequate storage for all your items. The bag will make sure your stuff remains water-free and safe while you enjoy the soothing sea waves.

Waterproof Cases for Cellphones and Tablets

A beach vacation is incomplete without those amazing clicks and photos you will treasure for life. But you need to keep your tablets and smartphones safe while you click amazing beach and underwater pictures.

These waterproof cases for tablets and smartphones from Bikini Pandemic are best in these scenarios. They are made of PVC material, and the layered sealing provides complete protection to your electronic gadgets. Moreover, these pouches are designed to be transparent, making them fully functional for underwater dives as well. A waterproof case is ‘THE’ thing to take to the beach.

The Perfect Beach Hat

A beach outfit is incomplete without a matching beach hat such as this beautiful wide brim classic sun hat. The wide brim of the hat protects your eyes from the direct sun rays, and you can easily get that perfect sun-touched picture for your Instagram account! You can choose any style or design to get an authentic beachy look. A wide brim straw hat, a sun visor, and a head scarf visor hat are only a few options to choose from while packing your beach essentials.

Anti-Slip Comfortable Sandals

Instead of going for high heels, choose flat anti-slip sandals such as these open toe roman anti-slip sandals. They are perfect for summer beach trips and will help you remain comfortable on a sandy beach all day long. Choose slippers that are easy to wear and have a soft sole. This way, your feet will be at ease while you take long strolls at the beach to enjoy the sunset at the windy beach.

At last, here is list of best beaches where you can spend fun time full of joy and excitement.

The holidays mean letting loose and having fun, and most of us will plan on going to the beach with our loved ones. While going to the beach does indeed mean relaxation, we need to ensure we don’t miss out on good habits while at the beach.

To make things easier for you, here is a shortlist of good beach etiquette you should observe when spending leisure time at the beach.

Good Habits You Need To Observe At the Beach

Do Not Litter At the Beach

A very basic rule is to leave the beach as you would want to come across it. You wouldn’t want to step on a beach filled with wastage and litter; therefore, you should consider putting your waste in a disposable bag and properly disposing of it at the end of the day. Most beaches have plastic bins for the public; use them!

Be Careful With What You Carry in the Water

Most people have a habit of carrying goods with them into open water and leaving them there. Cigarette butts and assorted litter can be both toxic and damaging to the natural ecology of the beach, so be careful with what you carry in. It is also recommended to keep your phone tucked away before entering the beach, but if you need to carry it into the water, cover it with a waterproof smartphone or tablet case for protection.

Bikini Pandemic has a beautiful collection of waterproof cases for smartphones and tablets.

Don’t Play Music Too Loud.

People visit beaches to relax and let off the heat before they return to their busy lives. The last thing they would want is for someone to blast the latest radio hits at the highest volume their stereo allows. Loud music can be a great nuisance for others. So if you are not going to get much praise for your music taste, it is better if you don’t end up annoying those around you.

Shake Off Your Towels Carefully

When at the beach, you may habitually pick up your towel and shake the sand gathered on top of it. Most people aren’t aware that the wind can easily pick up this sand and blow it into the faces of those around you, something which isn’t recommended. Wind-blown sand getting into your eyes can be irritable. This is why it is one of the important beach habits to take your towel to an area with not so many people nearby and carefully dust off the sand.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking isn’t exactly a healthy habit and can be incredibly detrimental to your health. Also, its effects aren’t just limited to you. Studies show that passive smoking is a lot more dangerous and can endanger the health of those around you. With the open air and wind at the beach, your smoke will likely blow into someone’s face. This is why it is suggested that you sit outside the beach premises to smoke.

Don’t Encroach Space

Valuing personal space and respecting distances are essential at the beach. Many latecomers to the beach usually settle down in the tiny spaces they find around already seated families, sometimes encroaching on their personal space. This can be irritating for many. Ideally, you should keep 15 feet distance between your neighbors. Make sure your beach etiquette list include always respecting others’ personal space.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Kids and Pets

Beaches can be incredibly hot and dehydrating. Leaving your pets out in the sun and your kids to wander about on the beach can do more harm than good. Make sure you and your family has properly applied sunscreen to avoid sunburns, and don’t leave your pets out in the sun.

Keep a lookout for signs of dehydration, and make sure you have water to combat it at all times. It also helps keep hats and shades with you to protect you from the sun. Pandemic Bikini has a wide range of stylish beach hats and shades to make your day at beach chic.

At last, here is list of best beaches where you can spend fun time full of joy and excitement.


Going to the beach is a great way to spend time with your friends and family, and we know you want to look your best for the occasion! Being a woman, you may be conscious of the way your bikini looks out in the open. You aren’t alone! We have all been there, and you know what, it’s only a matter of finding the right bikini fit for you.

Here are our pro tips to help you pick the sexy bikini that fits right, looks great, and feels comfortable.

Make Sure It Fits

The first step to finding the hot bikini is making sure it fits your body type. Whether you are wearing a two-piece or a one-piece, make sure it fits your shape and size and is the perfect mix of comfort and sexiness.

The perfect bikini will fit securely without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. Wearing a too-tight bikini may irritate your skin, and wearing one too loose will sag and stretch out. Your bikini tops should also fit you evenly from the front and back. Take accurate measurements of your chest, waist, and hip, and find the right bikini size for you.

Don’t Wear It If It’s Uncomfortable.

The next very important step is to choose a hot bikini that makes you feel comfortable in your skin. Pick a comfortable bikini, and confidence will come to you naturally. It doesn’t have to be what’s trending as long as you feel confident. If you aren’t confident or comfortable in the fit you choose, it defeats the purpose of finding the bikini.

swimsuit tops

It’s not about wearing a piece that shows more skin or less because it all depends on YOU. You can always choose to wear a cover-up, such as this sexy hollow out beach dress at Bikini Pandemic, until you ease your way into wearing a swimsuit around others if you are conscious about showing skin. This will go with all your swimsuit tops. Remember, you can only truly enjoy yourself if you are wearing something you are comfortable in and that not only fits well but is sexy at the same time.

The bottom line is if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, don’t. If you do, you will end up obsessing over whether you look bad, and you will feel horrible.

best beach accessories

Accessorize Your Bikini

Wearing a sexy bikini isn’t all that makes for your stunning look; add some best beach accessories to style your perfect beach look! Carry a pretty little beach bag like the one we have here, or add a classic sun hat to shield you from the sun in style. If you want to add something chicer, add this white crochet bikini cover-up; perfect for a day out in the sun!

Be Sure To Get the Classic Beach Bikinis!

Finally, don’t ever skip out on the classic beach bikini look. You simply can’t go wrong with the classics.


A one-piece in the solid color as this Hot and Sexy two piece bikini set is perfect for your beach day, or if you want a more subtly sexy look, go for this Bright and Sexy two piece swimsuit from Bikini Pandemic! They are called the classics for a reason; people of all ages adore them!

Look for Quality with Comfort

You are probably buying a bikini to go out into the beach, so it’s likely you will get hit with saltwater. Saltwater can easily wear down your swimwear and make your swimsuit look old and faded. A discolored bikini is a huge dent in your beach look. This is why you need to get a swimsuit that holds up after a couple of uses in the ocean.

Getting bikinis made using quality materials is highly recommended, so your swimwear is resistant to discoloration. Finally, take a close look at the stitching and the stretch quality; the last thing you want is your bikini bottom or bikini tops to tear while you are at the beach. 

Wear Sunscreen to Avoid Tan Lines

The final step is to avoid tan lines. You can easily get tan lines from spending extended periods at the beach. In the scenario that you change our old bikini out for a different style, you will find the tan lines may draw a lot of attention. This is why it’s recommended to always wear sunscreen whenever you pay a visit to the beach, so the next time you plan to switch out one swimdress for the next, you will be free of the tan line!